Dr Bendahan Jose
Dr Jose Bendahan graduated medical faculty of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, with honors, in 1980.
Dr Jose Bendahan moved to Israel that year, for an internship in Tel Hashomer hospital. Dr Bendahan specialized in general surgery at the 'Meir' hospital in  Kfar Saba.
In 1992-1994 Dr Bendahan further specialized in South Africa, where he worked in Groote Schoor hospital in Cape Town, and as senior surgeon in the trauma unit of Tygerberg hospital in Stellenbosch.
After hisreturn to Israel, Dr Bendahan was appointed deputy head of the department of surgery in Laniado hospital in Netanya.
Dr Bendahan operated with the head ofthe department at the time, Dr Dov Shachor, the pioneer of hyperhidrosis operations in Israel.
Dr Bendahan founded a trauma unit in Laniado hospital and conducted the treatment of the many casualties in terror attacks in Netanya at the time.
In 2000, Dr Bendahan returned to Barcelona, and further specialized in laparoscopic and digestive surgery in" Hospital Clinic.   "o de Barcelona .
At 2002, Dr Bendahan Jose was appointed head of surgical department at Laniado hospital, and continued practicing general surgery and trauma care.
.Since that, Dr Bendahan works in cooperation with Dr Robert Ben David from the Shouldice Clinic in Canada, one of the world's leading surgeons in the field ofhernia operations.
In 2004, Dr Bendahan further specialized in colorectal ( colon and rectum) surgery, and in proctology (anal diseases), attending a continuing specialization program at St. Marks hospital in London.
Since 2006, Dr Bendahan works in 'Meir' hospital in Kfar Saba and in his private and Maccabi clinic.
Dr Bendahan Jose specializes in general and laparoscopic surgery of the digestive tract and of the gallbladder, hernia repair, hyperhidrosis, proctology and breast surgery.
Dr Bendahan is a member in Israeli and in International surgical associations, including Israel Surgical Association, Israel Trauma Society, Israeli Society of Endoscopic Surgery, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, and the International Association of TraumaSurgery and Intensive Care.